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6 Important Snack Tips

Snacks are an important portion or part of our meals. A snack, meaning in Hindi, is light food taken before lunch or dinner. Mid-day snacks help us defeat hunger. We should keep our snacks small in size and simple by adding a few ingredients to taste and mild spices for a better snacking experience. Snacks are for body support and are not meant to be taken as a full meal.

Here, Foodopiya shares some convenient snacking tips for the best snacking experience. Take note of it and follow a healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy snacks.

Snacks should be bit-sized:


As we mentioned earlier, the purpose of snacks must be considered purely as supportive food and not as a full meal. Always have a snack plate that is small in size and light which you can easily digest without stagnation or feeling heavy.

Serve Snack Fresh:


If you order snacks online, they might be fresh. At home, the snacks are prepared on time, such as pancakes, upma, poha, and others. We must rush to consume them when they are naturally hot rather than eat them straight out of the oven. We should prepare close to serving time so we can enjoy the crispiness and freshness of snacks. Or else the snack might get soggy. This enhances the taste of the food and gives a different experience.

Use minimum spices:


We suggest a minimum use of spices for snacks. Rather than using powdered spices, use whole spice ingredients. For example, use green chillies instead of red chilli powder. Strong spices are not meant for light snacks. It could affect the taste of the drink that you are having. Use normal spices like pepper, salt, and chilli, and keep it simple.

Use health-conscious oil:


Foodopiya suggests using oil that has a high smoke point. Sunflower oil, Canola oil, and rice bran oils have health benefits and are assumed to be good as they can be heated to high temperatures without burning the material.

Frying in small parts:


It is important to properly cook your snacks. To make sure that snacks are evenly cooked and crispy, fry them in small portions. The fewer snacks you fry in one go, the more evenly they will turn out.

Signature Dishes:


There are thousands of snacks and foods you can try. Along with regular snacks, use your culinary skills to explore the other snack recipes. To keep enthusiasm for snacks, new items need to be included once in a while. Do not overload the platter. Keeping only two signature dishes. Do not confuse your guests. Let two unique dishes shine.

Ready-Made Snacks with Garnish:


Some packed snack foods can be recooked or garnished in our way. For example, Pan-Roasted Chivda can be garnished with some fresh onion slices, a piece of lemon, and coriander. You can also try eating fresh green spinach with a Bombay mixture or Ratlami Sev. This way, you can enjoy the taste along with the benefits of spinach. You can try Mathri or Shankar Pale once in a while.

Here are some healthy snack options you can try:

Corn Flakes Chivda

Sattu Drink




So, Eat Snacks as a snack and not as a meal.

Looking for a tea-time snack? We've got you covered. Visit Foodopiya to explore a range of snack options.

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