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About Us is an SME managed by Brahmansh Foods, engaged in the business of selling Food items in form of Snacks, Sweet, and Condiments such as Chivda, ladoo, Pickles, traditional savoury snacks, Diwali Snacks, and others. We receive orders online on our website and ship product/s to customer destinations.

We produced authentic, sweet, homemade, fresh, traditional, lip-smacking, savoury food which every food lover wants to try. In the era of fast food, we want to create a nostalgic experience that has a relation to our childhood. When we used to visit granny’s home on Diwali vacation, the food bonanza in form of a Diwali Snack platter brought water into our mouths. Our endeavour is the same, make amazing traditional mouth-watering snacks.

Delivering Fresh Indian Traditional Snacks

The craving for fresh, authentic, and traditional food is increasing among people. They are getting aware of the importance of nutritious and quality ingredients for making traditional homemade snacks. Our mouthwatering snacks are not only tasty but also healthy and do not have ill effects as fast food has. All the products at foodopiya are freshly made and delivered in the minimum time possible. We have curated snacks from various states of India to serve you a variety of snacks.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

We were losing our traditional food and moving toward fast food which is not very sustainable. We and our children need to know about authentic and traditional Indian snacks which are environment friendly and sustainable. The fast world brought fast food along with diseases that are harmful to us and the environment. We believe in health & sustainability and traditional food has both.

Supporting Local Products

We have curated this traditional Snack Platter for you with the help of entrepreneurial women to empower, encourage and employ them. Our job is to pass that authentic and traditional food to all our customers who are craving for Desi Foods.  Help us in this endeavor.

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